A product design sprint consists of 5 days, and each day corresponds to another stage of solving the problem. In a nutshell, the stages are as follows:

  • Map: What are the user needs, business needs and technology capacities? What is the key strategy? What is the focus?
  • Sketch: How can we explore as many ideas as possible?
  • Decide: Select the best ideas so far.
  • Prototype: Create an artifact that allows testing the ideas with users.
  • Test: Test the ideas with users, business stakeholders and technical experts

We adjust the workshops to our clients’ needs. Sometimes, we even make them shorter to focus mainly on the first three phases. Usually, in such sprints, we provide a Project Manager and a Product Designer, who heads the workshop and acts as a mentor. We also ask our developers to attend if we feel like we need a reality check on our ideas. You wouldn’t believe how eager developers can be to attend those workshops!

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