A Product Design Sprint is a perfect idea not only for clients who have already had some experience with various kinds of design services for their products. Our workshops differ from each other depending on the problem our clients are facing at the moment. We always meet in advance to get a better understanding whether they:

  • have a rough idea for a product or a problem to solve
  • have a product and want to identify pain points to enhance it
  • have a product and want to invest in new, more complex features

After that, we prepare our workshops individually for each project and adjust the exercises so that our ‘sprint’ can give as much value as possible to our clients. Sometimes, it means putting more emphasis on the product's Value Proposition, because the client wants so many features that we think they lost focus on the core purpose of the product. In other cases, we focus on specific features or analyse current user journeys to spot any pain points and work together on finding solutions.

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